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Renovating your bathroom to allow the safe and easy use for someone with varied needs including those using a wheelchair, people with disabilities, the aged, or those who are mobility-impaired. MasterCraft offers a completely customisable accessible bathroom renovation to ensure the space supports the specific needs of residents. We can also take care of commercial ambulant bathroom upgrade requirements across Brisbane. Speak to our design team about your bathroom renovation specifications today.

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Custom accessible bathroom design

Whether you need to completely change your existing bathroom design or only upgrade aspects of the space to adequately support independent living. Starting from scratch with your bathroom renovation design lets you have complete control over every feature, from storage solutions to the size of the shower recess, create the perfect bathroom to your exact specifications today.

MasterCraft custom adjustments often include features such as:

  • Grab rails or extra framing supports - located on walls where needed for extra safety and support.
  • Access ramps - 10 mm over 100 mm to allow for wheelchair, walker and easy foot access.
  • Floor to ceiling tiles - to allow for a varying shower and bath usage.
  • Shower curtain for easy access to the shower whether for a walker, wheelchair, or doorless walk-in access.
  • Adjustable shower rail/s
  • Handheld showerhead - for easy use at differing heights
  • Hobless shower recess - no step in or out of the shower
  • 10 mm over 800 mm fall is required outside the shower recess and 10 mm over 600 mm fall.

Non-slip bathroom flooring

Generally, a residential wet room requires an R9 slip rated tile which is a matt finish. However, in some cases, such as commercial showers, the wet room may require a slip rated tile R10. 

Bathroom design factors to consider

If you are remodelling a home bathroom to support a family member, attention needs to be given to the likelihood of increased assistance requirements or a decrease in physical capabilities in the future, if relevant, as well as the person/s current needs.

Other factors to consider when designing an accessible bathroom include:

  • Safe supply of hot water - fitting a tempering valve to control hot water temperature prevent scalds. A setting of 50° Celcius is recommended to protect at-risk residents in bathing areas.
  • Placement of items such as bathing products, shampoo, towels, toothbrushes, etc for easy access.
  • Allow for ample space to manoeuvre around the bathroom.
  • Higher than standard toilet for easy use with appropriately located toilet paper dispenser if required.
  • Ample light, utilising natural light where possible, and accessible light switches.
  • Is a shower seat needed? - either rolling or fixed
  • Accessible storage, vanity, and cabinets
  • Accessible clothes hook or racks
  • Is space needed below the vanity for knee or foot clearance?
  • Opting for flick mixer taps which are often easier to use than traditional twist tapware.
  • Ensure the mirror placement is suitable
  • Allow easy, safe access to power points.

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Contact the team at MasterCraft Tiling & Bathroom Renovations at 0435 243 235 or complete our bathroom renovation enquiry form, we can help with your accessible bathroom renovation needs.

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