Partial Bathroom Renovation

Reusing Fittings & Fixtures

Package Name: Save Where You Can


Partial renovation re-use fittings – changing all the tiles and redoing the waterproofing to the entire floor and walls save the fittings and fixtures. Includes new shower screen.

Please Note: If the property contains asbestos, you will be required to do a full strip out.


  • Repairing a leaking shower to prevent further damage
  • Budget renovation Re-use fittings and fixtures that are in good condition to restore the  look of the existing bathroom 
  • Removal of all existing tiles and relay new tiles so they all match
  • Repairs in preparation of selling to pass a building inspection.
  • Renovating on a budget to Increase rental return

Comes with a waterproofing certificate.



  • Strip Out - Remove floor and wall tiles, remove screed, remove shower screen, remove mirror, remove all fittings and fixtures carefully to be reused (including vanity). *Bath is not removed.
  • Carpenter - Sheet walls where required and sheet floor (if required), trim door (if required).
  • Plumber - Re Install Fittings, Fixtures and Vanity **some items may not be able to be re installed, due to new tile thickness.
  • Waterproofer - Completed to the Australian Standards. Full Floor, Shower Walls, Bath Walls and 100mm around perimeter.
  • Tiler - Screed Floor, Tile Floor, Tile Walls to existing heights, Silicone
  • Glazier - Install Shower Screen and Mirror
  • Supervisor - Run and Monitor the project and trades.
  • Electrical - Make Safe (Isolate Power For Safety)


  • Skip Bin - rubbish removal
  • Delivery of tiles and products




  • Ceramic Floor Tiles 300 x 300 6m2
  • Ceramic Wall Tiles 300 x 400 15m2
  • Semi Frameless Shower Screen 900 x 900 mm
  • Frameless Mirror 900 x 800 mm
  • Square Waste x2
  • Doorline Angle 50 mm

**All fittings and fixtures reuse

Package Example $14,500.00 Inc GST

Based on: Floor 5m2, Walls 20m2, containing single vanity, 1m2 shower and bath

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What to expect from our
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  • Efficient quotes
  • Prompt communication
  • On time arrival
  • Well dressed in uniform
  • The use of floor protection during the project
  • A clean and tidy work area
  • Respect for our clients and their property
  • Supervisor point of contact for the project
  • Professional trades that have been through our qualifying process
  • Work carried out in a tradesman like manner
  • Quality control systems and processes
  • Sign off stages and checklists to ensure trades are meeting our expectations
  • Regular communication
  • Organised and efficient planning for maximum productivity
  • Will always get approval for any variation work before proceeding
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Public liability insurance
  • QBCC home warranty insurance

Unique Bathroom Renovation Process

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We ask you questions so we can understand your needs.

Step 2


We offer solutions from our packages.

Step 3


We create a design, style and layout from our product range.

Step 4


The next step is: view selected products and make any final changes.

Step 5


On time arrival, efficient planning and quality workmanship.

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Partial Renovation - Reuse Fitting & Fixtures Package


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