Bathroom Renovation Product Guide

Choosing the features & fittings for your bathroom design

Selecting all the features and fittings for your bathroom renovation can involve dozens of decisions and reviewing hundreds of product options. We’ve put together this handy bathroom renovation product guide to help you go into the process aware of your options as well as the features of each style.

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Choosing a shower design

Frameless shower screen

  • Creates an elegant and spacious look, without compromising the style of bathroom.
  • A special coating (Nanokote) can be applied to protect the glass from scratches, watermarks, and soap scum. 
  • No frame

Semi-frameless shower screen

  • Cost effective alternative to the frameless screen.
  • Still provides you with the modern design and slim line appearance.
  • A special coating (Nanokote) can be applied to protect the glass from scratches, watermarks, and soap scum. 

Frameless shower panel

  • A fixed frameless shower panel, enables you to have a walk-in shower.
  • No door.
  • The panel sits where the fall transition starts, to hide the step .
  • Keeps the shower entrance flat.
  • No step or hob.
  • Great for use in a modern bathroom design.
  • Due to minimal components and being transparent, it does not distract from the design of the bathroom.
  • Can be convenient and easier to clean.
  • A special coating (Nanokote) can be applied to protect the glass from scratches, watermarks, and soap scum. 

Wall to wall shower screen

  • Available in frameless and semi-frameless styles

Truncated semi-frameless shower screen

  • Truncated shower screens are used to create shower cubicles in small bathrooms. The cut off corner, provides valuable room to move in limited spaces.
  • A special coating (Nanokote) can be applied to protect the glass from scratches, watermarks and soap scum. 

Shower screen information

  • All styles of shower screens are available in semi-frameless and frameless.
  • You can have no door, a pivot door, or a sliding door.
  • Frames and fittings, like hinges and clips, come as a standard in polished silver, however, they can be powder coated to any colour to match your design.
  • Glass is clear as standard but can be frosted or coloured/tinted if required.
  • Glass can be treated with a product called Nanokote which helps protect from scratches, watermarks, and soap scum. 

Pre-made shower screens and mirrors

Important note on premade shower screens.

  • The installation of pre-made shower screens is more complicated and sometimes they don’t fit perfectly on completion. Many glaziers won’t install glass manufactured by other companies due to safety and warranty issues.
  • We recommend having the shower screen and mirror measured and made to order to ensure a high quality result. They will be installed by our experienced glazier, fit perfectly and be covered with a full installation warranty.

Shower glass options

  • Frosted
  • Coloured tint 
  • Clear 

Streamline angle

A Streamline angle is a one-piece water barrier that seamlessly connects the shower screen to the shower tray.

  • Streamline angle can be powder coated to match the bathroom design.
  • The Streamline angle is the modern-day hob.
  • Some bathrooms cannot be fully screeded to create fall to wastes so a hob needs to be installed in the shower cubicle.
  • This allows the floor height at the door to be 12mm which means no step into the bathroom door, instead there will be a step into the shower.

Shower head styles

  • Combination
  • Rain shower and hand showers
  • Rain shower
  • Exposed shower head and taps

Choosing a bathroom mirror

Frameless mirror

  • 4mm frameless mirror
  • The frameless style provides a modern, streamlined look.
  • The mirror is installed on top of the tiles.
  • Mirrors over 1500mm long need to be framed due to the weight. The frame can be slim-line and silver.

Mirrored cabinets

  • Can be wall mounted or recessed into the wall.
  • Mirrored cabinets can be great for extra storage.
  • They are available in different colours and designs. 
  • LED lights can be added. 

Choosing basin, shower, & bath taps

Taps or mixer?

  • Individual taps - one for hot and one for cold.
  • Mixer tap - one lever to mix hot and cold.
  • Diverter mixer – a combined mixer for a shower/bath set up. A single mixer, fitted with a diverter, is used to easily operate both outlets.
  • Note - When installing new taps, keep in mind we often find that the new style does not fit the old spindles. If this occurs you may need to adjust your tap choice, however, swapping taps is the same amount of work as changing taps to a mixer, so you may like to consider upgrading the tap to a mixer for ease of use.

Coloured tapware options

  • Black 
  • Brushed nickel fittings
  • Rose gold 
  • Gold 
  • Chrome 
  • Gun metal

Choosing a vanity

Custom made vanity or pre-made vanity

  • If your vanity is a wall to wall style it may need to be custom made to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Custom made vanities can be produced in your choice of style and size, allowing full design freedom. 
  • Vanity finishes include: 2 pac, laminate, and timber veneer.
  • Vanity benchtop finishes include: natural stone, engineered stone such as Caesarstone, timber, and laminate.
  • Extra features which can be added to a custom vanity include soft close hinges, LED lighting, and in built power points.

Vanity styles

  • Pedestal basin
  • Floor mounted 
  • Vanity on feet
  • Wall mounted vanity

Vanity top options

  • Timber/laminate
  • Ceramic built in basin
  • Glass built in basin
  • Caesarstone - engineered stone
  • Undermount basin
  • Acrylic built in basin

Basin types

  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Coloured
  • Glass
  • Recessed
  • Metal
  • Stone

Choosing a bath

Freestanding & Drop-in baths

  • Freestanding baths - have no frame around them and are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and materials.
  • Claw foot - traditional freestanding bath raised from the floor by feet
  • Drop-in island bath - has a ledge built around it.
  • Drop-in bath - framed and built in with no ledge.

Plug options - bath & basin

  • Traditional plug 
  • Pop up plug - chrome
  • Pop up plug - range of colours

Choosing a toilet

In-wall cistern toilet

  • Can only be installed if there is enough space behind the wall. 
  • Otherwise the wall can be built out to accommodate this type of toilet.

Other toilet types

  • S Trap toilet - is when the waste pipe comes through the floor.
  • P Trap toilet - the waste pipe comes through the back of the toilet pan.
  • Universal skew pan - waste pipe can be on the left or right side. When the waste pipe comes through from the side this is the only toilet option.
  • Back to wall toilet - can come in both S Trap and P Trap pans.

Choosing bathroom fittings

Bathroom fitting options

  • Single and double towel rails
  • Towel rings or hand towel rail
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Towel hooks or robe hooks 
  • Heated towel rails
  • Soap holders
  • All rails and holders come in many styles, colours, and finishes to match any design.

Choosing bathroom lighting & power

3 in 1 exhaust fan, heat light, and light combo

  • Most exhaust fans come with their own control switch.
  • This can be upgraded to a different switch if required to suit your design.

Light switches and power points

  • LED switch indicators - Saturn Zen LED Switches - you will always know which switch is in operation or easily find a switch in the middle of the night.
  • Pictogram icons - for even greater convenience, Saturn Zen offers optional pictogram icons to clearly indicate the switch function at a glance. 

Light options

  • LED lighting - long lasting and very energy efficient
  • Downlights
  • Makeup lights
  • Pendant light fittings

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