Benefits of Sealing Stone Flooring

Natural stones are prone to stains and discolouration.

Stones are porous and permeable materials. It makes them susceptible to absorbing liquids and deterioration. They can stain from the use of tap water, oil, food and beverages that we commonly use in our households.

It can be avoided easily with the help of stone sealing. Not sealing stone flooring or benchtops leaves it vulnerable to absorbing foreign substances and stains.

Which stones are most prone to stains?

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Sandstone

What is involved in the process of sealing stone flooring?

Stones are protected with the help of impregnators and sealers.

Impregnators - They penetrate below the surface of the stone and coat the minerals below the surface. It binds to the pores and forms a resistant barrier which prevents liquids to penetrate into the pores.

Sealers - They prevent the top surface of the stone from any damage. It creates a protective layer on the stone’s surface and protects it from dirt, liquids and other stains.

However, sealing is not the cure-all for stones. Regular maintenance is required to maintain the shine of the stone. Wipe any spills from the stone benchtops and flooring immediately to avoid staining the surface.

Any liquid left long enough on the surface can eventually penetrate the stone and etch the surface. The sealers are designed to give you enough time to clean the surface before the staining occurs.

How often does stone need to be sealed?

Not all rocks are similar. Some rocks are more porous than others.

Marble and limestone are more porous and need to be sealed every 6 months. They are also sensitive and need to be cleaned with special cleaning materials.

Granite is less porous and needs to be sealed once a year. It also doesn’t require a special cleaner - simple detergent and water is enough to clean granite flooring.

3 Benefits of Sealing Stone Flooring

  • It increases the durability of the stone by creating a protective barrier that makes it harder for dirt and liquids to penetrate.
  • Sealing prevents the stones from getting damaged by salt. If you are living near a beach or river, the stones are susceptible to efflorescence. Efflorescence is a deposit of salts (white deposits) on the surface of stones. It is also referred to as whiskers and can cause structural damage to the materials. If you notice efflorescence on your stone flooring or walls, take immediate action.
  • Sealing also prevents the stone from getting damaged due to acid. The acids released from some food items or acidic cleaning agents can erode the stone and leave a dull mark on the surface.

Your Local Stone Sealing Experts Brisbane

At Mastercraft tiling, we are specialists in bathroom renovation, wall and floor tiling. We can help you with stone sealing and if there are any stains and discolouration on your stone surface, we can help restore it back to its original glory. If you need more information about your stone flooring, give us a call on 07 3063 5633 or complete our online tiling enquiry form.

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