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MasterCraft Tiling & Bathroom Renovations are your local stone sealing experts in the Brisbane area. Whether it is a main floor, bathroom floor or something in between, we offer high quality and affordable stone sealing services by professional, qualified and skilled tradespersons with a quick quote turnaround and service which will exceed your expectations.

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What is Stone Sealing?

Sealing is the application of a chemical solution to any type of porous surface, which soaks in and penetrates into the tile. The sealer is generally non-visible and the chemical compounds used as the active sealing agent vary depending on the type of protection required, however all are generally aimed at impeding staining and corrosion to the stone.

Why is Stone Sealing so important?

Stone sealing is a crucial step when it comes to protecting your beautiful stone floor from stains, spills and marks, which are all a part of life. Sealing stone assists in limiting the depth of penetration of stains, and is designed to reduce the porosity of the surface, making it easier to clean. Take a look at out projects page for some completed stone sealing projects that look pretty amazing!

But, can’t I just do it myself?

Technically yes, you are able to complete stone sealing yourself, however there can be a large amount of problems which can occur if you choose not to bring in a professional. These range from not cleaning the surface properly and sealing in dirt, to a haze forming on the exterior of the stone due to residual sealer not being properly removed. These issues then require a qualified tradesman to attend to them, so we recommend just calling in the experts from the beginning and avoid any long term problems, which will likely save you time and money in the long run.

If you have any questions about stone sealing, or have a stone sealing project for the team, please call us on 0435 243 235 or complete the enquiry form above and we can discuss.

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